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Independent Law Centre

Immigration Reform and Law Centre

The Immigrant Council of Ireland is an Independent Law Centre under the Solicitors Acts, 1954 to 2002 (Independent Law Centres) Regulations 2006.

The Immigrant Council’s legal team can provide assistance and legal representation to individuals regarding their immigration status. This is a free, but limited, service for particularly complex situations or cases that give rise to specific policy concerns.

Our work with migrants through our Legal Service helps inform and shape our policy development and campaign work.

Clients are referred to our legal service through our Information and Referral Service or via other practitioners or organisations.

Because our capacity is limited, we select cases according to our strategic litigation policy. Resourcing constraints mean the legal service is not available in all cases. Cases are selected according to the following criteria:

  • strategic importance of the case
  • merits of the case
  • availability of other advice and representation services
  • vulnerability of the client
  • financial means of the client
  • timing of referral
  • capacity

The Immigrant Council does not provide legal advice or representation in relation to applications for refugee status or subsidiary protection (with the exception of applications relating to victims of trafficking).

The Immigrant Council of Ireland prioritises support for migrants who have experienced human rights abuses in this country. Among these most vulnerable migrants, we have established special support for people in the following categories:

  • women who have been trafficked to Ireland for the purposes of sexual exploitation
  • women subjected to sexual exploitation within the sex industry
  • victims of domestic violence
  • unaccompanied minors

The Immigrant Council’s unique position as an Independent Law Centre allows us to use our expertise in the area of Irish immigration law to offer high quality legal advice and representation to migrants who have experienced human rights abuses. We can provide support and advice to migrants in relation to their immigration status in Ireland, their immigration-related dependency on abusive family members and a range of issues facing victims of trafficking, including liaison with An Garda Síochána.

The purpose of the Immigrant Council’s Specialist Immigration Advocacy Service is to provide quick, holistic and appropriate responses to the needs of vulnerable clients. We are committed to ensuring confidential and priority access to support services and legal advice. We view our Specialist Immigration Advocacy Service as an integral part of our overall strategy of working in cooperation with other organisations to provide free, confidential and reliable information, quality legal advice and representation, as well as appropriate referrals as necessary. 

Contact can be made through the Immigrant Council’s Information and Referral Service on (01) 674 0200 between 10am and 1pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The Information and Referral Service is closed on Wednesdays.

The Refugee Legal Service ( is available to asylum or subsidiary protection applicants who require a free legal advice service. The Refugee Legal Service also provides legal aid and advice in appropriate cases on immigration and deportation matters. Other non-governmental organisations can also provide asylum or subsidiary protection applicants with information and support, for example, the Irish Refugee Council ( and The Integration Centre (


We are grateful for the continued financial support to our services from Pobal, the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the Programme, the Scheme to Support National Organisations 2016-2019. 

Anti-Racism Hotline

Racism Hotline

The Immigrant Council of Ireland provides support, information and appropriate referrals to people who have experienced or witnessed racist incidents in Ireland.

The service includes:

  • providing support to people who have experienced or witnessed racist incidents, including support through our Information and Referral Service and Legal Service
  • making referrals to statutory and non-statutory agencies
  • making appropriate referrals for counselling or other supports, if required
  • recording and monitoring racist incidents
  • keeping a database and reporting on racist incidents
  • advocating for legislative and policy reform.

Contact details:

The Racism Hotline is available for telephone consultations on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, between 10am and 12.30pm and 2pm and 4.30pm and can be contacted on(01) 645 8058

The service is closed on Wednesdays.

Consultations with a Support and Referral Officer, Legal Information Officer or Solicitor are made by appointment.

Information and Referral Service

Immigration Hotline!

The Immigrant Council of Ireland’s (ICI) Information and Support Service provides detailed confidential information about complex issues within the Irish immigration system. If you have any questions regarding immigration rights, visas, family reunification or any other query in this area, please phone our Immigration Hotline.

The Hotline is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-1pm at (01) 674 0200

Please note if you are unsuccessful in getting through to the telephone service, try again later as the service often experiences busy periods where all Information Officers are on calls.

This website aims to provide information which may answer your questions about your rights and entitlements on a range of issues.

We are grateful for the continued financial support to our services from Pobal, the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the Programme, the Scheme to Support National Organisations 2016-2019. 


Education and Training

Through our Education and Training Service, the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) shares expertise and knowledge of the migration system with other service providers. ICI staff provide training to a range of statutory and voluntary agencies, various groups and organisations, as well as legal practitioners, trainees and students in order to build an infrastructure of information provision and legal services nationally for migrants and their families. We use a wide range of national and international research, along with expertise gained from our direct services, to inform the training courses which are designed to meet the specific needs of each organisation or group.

The ICI Education and Training service has been in existence since 2002 and has delivered training courses on the rights and entitlements of migrants to more than 2,300 individuals in State agencies, the community and voluntary sectors including migrant led organisations, and adult education providers. We work with more than 200 organisations.

Areas that can be covered by training courses provided by ICI staff include:

• domestic and European immigration legislation, Irish and European case law, administrative policies, practices and procedures

• a general overview of relevant legislation, administrative policies or guidelines and case law in Ireland

• a general overview of relevant practices and procedures for making immigration-related applications

• rights and entitlements of migrant workers, international students, the family members of migrants and Irish citizens, people with leave to remain in Ireland and others.

ICI training courses are evaluated and feedback is used to adapt content.

The ICI can provide specialised half-day, full-day and two-day training courses on immigration laws and policies and migrants’ rights and entitlements.

In addition, ICI staff members are available to provide external information and outreach sessions to groups and organisations. The content of these sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group.

For more information, including the cost of training courses, please contact