Immigrant Council of Ireland


News 2016

HESTIA project partners are preparing for ambitious anti-trafficking activities 28 Jun 2016
World Refugee Day an opportunity for increased action to save lives 20 Jun 2016
Government must repond as children at risk experiencing rape, trafficking and exploitation 16 Jun 2016
Taoiseach must answer urgent questions on refugee crisis 22 Mar 2016
Refugee Crisis - Open Letter to TDs 22 Mar 2016
Rights of Men, Women and Children must not be signed away by EU 18 Mar 2016
Immigrant Council legal mission to refugee camps at French Ports 06 Mar 2016
Refugees in container a result of Europe’s failures 28 Feb 2016
Islamophobia in Dublin (Major Conference and Research Findings) 21 Feb 2016
Sex trafficking findings highlight urgent need for stalled sex crimes bill 19 Feb 2016