Immigrant Council of Ireland


News 2016

Mediterranean migrant crisis reaches gruesome milestone 22 Dec 2016
New report highlights challenges faced by migrant children due to flawed immigration system 16 Dec 2016
Sex buyer laws one step closer – passes Justice Committee Stage 07 Dec 2016
4,600 Death Toll in Mediterranean Sea Highlights Europe’s Continuing Failure to Tackle Crisis 01 Dec 2016
Immigrant Council Highlights Risks to Migrant Women as Part of ‘16 Days’ Campaign 25 Nov 2016
Ireland steps up in International Response to Migration Crisis 10 Nov 2016
Sex buyer laws one step closer as Sexual Offences Bill passes Second Stage in Dáil Éireann 03 Nov 2016
One-Stop-Shop to Increase Civic and Political Participation of Migrants Taking Place in Kildare 27 Oct 2016
Seminar to Highlight Misrepresentation of Muslims in Irish Media 24 Oct 2016
Human Rights-based Plan Needed for Unaccompanied Children Migrants from Calais 20 Oct 2016