Immigrant Council of Ireland


News 2014

Mandela Day: Call to action for Ireland to stop racism 18 Jul 2014
Mothers and Daughters' Lunch 16 Jul 2014
Equality and New Communities Minister must prioritise racism and protect vulnerable 15 Jul 2014
Ireland must address immigration, human trafficking and domestic violence shortfalls at UN Human Rights Committee 14 Jul 2014
Most vulnerable must benefit from social recovery 11 Jul 2014
1 in 5 racist incidents happen in people's homes 07 Jul 2014
Racist graffiti ruins historic day for new Irish citizens 04 Jul 2014
New Labour Leadership must drive forward social justice agenda 04 Jul 2014
Billionaire pimps, pushers and thugs have no role in Irish economy 03 Jul 2014
Logan Report an opportunity to end ethnic profiling 01 Jul 2014