Immigrant Council of Ireland


News 2013

Racism must be covered by any new cyber-bullying policies 18 Jul 2013
Mandela Day 17 Jul 2013
Government must act on rapporteur concerns for migrant children 11 Jul 2013
Waterford City Council is 13th to say Turn Off The Red Light 08 Jul 2013
O'Reilly appointment a boost for migrants across Europe 03 Jul 2013
50 Serious racist incidents reported in 10 weeks 01 Jul 2013
Visa facilities still lacking two years after issue highlighted by High Court 28 Jun 2013
Prostitution recommendations offer opportunity to combat traffickers and pimps 27 Jun 2013
Growth in Anti-Immigration attitudes is "alarming" 26 Jun 2013
Crime bosses must have no say in prostitution debate 24 Jun 2013