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Organisational Overview

Turn Off The Red Light rally outside Leinster House

Founder of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, Sr Stan with CEO Brian Killoran and Chair John Cunningham

With over 12-years experience the Immigrant Council of Ireland is the leading voice in securing improved rights and protections which benefit Irish citizens, migrants and their families.

As an organisation we pride ourselves on being pro-active. We offer support, advice and information, while also achieving positive change through strategic legal action and engagement with lawmakers to make immigration laws fit for purpose.

Ensuring access to justice is the cornerstone of all our work. We are committed to supporting individuals and families often at a vulnerable stage in their life.

We work in coalition with like minded individuals, organisations, stakeholders and investors to deliver genuine change at both a national and European level.

Since our establishment by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy in 2001, the Immigrant Council of Ireland has used its frontline services not just to meet the immediate needs of people, but has also used this experience to put forward clear, evidence based proposals to change Irish law.

Within 5 years our role as a provider of innovative responses to integrate a rapidly changing population was not only recognised but enhanced when we became the first and only Independent Law Centre in the migrant sector.

Since then our dual legal and advocacy approach, supported by our frontline services, has ensured real change including: the withdrawal of an ad hoc policy regarding international students, the recognition of de facto couples for the purpose of family reunification, protections for migrant victims of domestic violence and the introduction of Ireland’s first citizenship ceremonies.

We never shy away from public debate and opportunities to increase awareness.

The ICI engages with all Ireland’s media outlets, has a reach in excess of 80,000 per week on social media, and are a go-to service for commentators seeking on and off the record briefings.

Much has been achieved thanks to our supporters and investors, but there is more which must be put right.

Our focus now is:

  • The introduction of an immigration system which is clear, fair and just for all
  • The establishment of an independent appeals service for immigration decisions
  • Encouraging integration and participation in all aspects of Irish life
  • A robust response to racism
  • Changes in the law to end sex trafficking

We invite you through this website, as well as through our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, to join us to ensure Ireland is a country which offers fairness, equality and protection for all who want to call it home.


Immigrant Council of Ireland staff are members of the following groups and organisations:

  • Anti Human Trafficking Unit (Department of Justice and Law Reform) High Level Working Group; Working Group on Child Trafficking; Working Group on Sex Trafficking and Working Group on a National Referral Mechanism
  • Citizens Information Online User Consultation Group
  • Council for Justice and Peace at the Irish Episcopal Conference, Refugee and Migrant Project Support Committee
  • Dignity Programme - an interagency initiative working to deliver quality services for victims of sex-trafficking in Ireland.
  • Dublin City Council Strategic Policy Committee on Social, Housing and Community Affairs
  • Dublin Solicitors Bar Association Litigation Committee
  • Enotes – European NGOs Observatory on Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery – focal point
  • European Immigration Lawyers' Network
  • ENAR Ireland (European Network Against Racism)
  • European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM)
  • EPIM Joint Learning Project on fundraising
  • European Women's Lobby Network of Migrant Women
  • EU website on Integration – focal point
  • Grundtvig Project 4Intercult, identifying best practice in terms of service provision to migrants – Irish partner
  • Immigrant Information Network
  • Immigration Law Practitioners Association
  • Improving Diversity Training for Small and Medium Enterprises (Leonardo da Vinci project)
  • Irish National Observatory on Violence Against Women
  • Jesuit Refugee Service
  • Law Society of Ireland Human Rights Committee
  • Legal Aid Board External Consultative Panel
  • National Women's Council of Ireland
  • NGO Alliance to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD)
  • NGO Anti-Trafficking Coalition
  • North South Immigration Forum
  • Outcome for Policy Change – Common European Monitoring, Analysis and Recommendations from the Migrant Integration Policy Index Indicators
  • Pathways to Work: An Employment Upgrade Training Programme for Young Immigrants (Leonardo da Vinci project)
  • PICUM : Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants
  • Public Interest Litigation Association Advisory Committee
  • RAXEN National Focal Point for Ireland
  • Refugee Immigration Practitioners' Network
  • Transatlantic Network 2020
  • Transatlantic Forum on Migration and Integration
  • Women's Human Rights Alliance

Board of Directors

Mr John Cunningham Chair

John Cunningham (Chairman)

Our Vision and Strategic Goals

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Immigrant Council of Ireland members with members of Ambassadors For Change on Dublin's Grafton Street

The Immigrant Council of Ireland believes in equality, fairness and justice and this underpins all our work as an information and referral service, an Independent Law Centre and as an advocate which has the ear of commentators, academics and lawmakers.

Following the successful implementation of our Strategic Plan 2008-2013 our goals are to:

  1. influence and effect change on immigration law and policy
  2. provide specialist immigration advocacy and support to immigrant groups at particular risk
  3. contribute constructively to the public debate around immigration and foster the increased participation of migrants in relation to immigration reform
  4. collaborate with, and support, other organisations that provide services to migrants and their families
  5. develop our organisation so that it is sustainable, effective and equitable, reflects Ireland’s diverse society and respects human rights.


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Our Founder Sr Stan with our Chief Executive, Brian Killoran

The Immigrant Council of Ireland was established in 2001 by Social Innovations Ireland Ltd, an organisation set up by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy to develop innovative responses to Ireland's changing society.

The Council opened to the public in October 2002 and was officially launched by the then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in March 2003.

It was set up after a wide consultation process which highlighted the need for a service that would support and work with migrants in Ireland.

The consultation process demonstrated that there were a number of organisations providing information and support to asylum seekers and refugees, however, the needs of migrants coming to Ireland for other purposes such as work, study, for self-employment, family reunification or to visit were not being catered for.

Demand for our work and services has grown significantly year on year.

Since 2007, the Immigrant Council's Information and Referral Service has been dealing with more than 5,000 enquiries a year from migrants and Irish citizens. We also provide information and support to wide range of organisations and agencies.

The Council became an Independent Law Centre in 2006, and is currently the only NGO in Ireland's immigration sector with that status.



Brian Killoran

Brian Killoran

Chief Executive


Sorry no vacancies are available at the moment!

Interns & Volunteers

Ms Niamh Griffin Events Intern

Niamh worked as a journalist in the UK for five years before returning to Ireland in September 2014 to do a Masters in Creative Writing at Trinity College Dublin. She was part of the fundraising team on the Yes Equality Campaign. She is currently organising ICI’s annual flagship fundraiser, The Mothers and Daughters lunch. 



The Immigrant Council of Ireland aims to provide a high quality service to our supporters, on whom we rely to fund and support our vital work.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining good relations with all our fundraising supporters including donors, corporates, eventers, community fundraisers, volunteers etc.


The Immigrant Council of Ireland is compliant with The Governance Code - a Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland. 


We are signed up to and compliant with the voluntary ICTR  Guiding Principles of Fundraising  which are reflected in our own Donor’s Charter.


You can read our Statement of Public Compliance  here. You can also find more information on the legislation for the charity sector here - ICTR


You can read the Terms of Reference for our Governance & Finance Committee here. .


You can view the Immigrant Council of Ireland’s 2014 annual accounts here

You can view the Immigrant Council of Ireland's 2015 annual accounts here


Your feedback matters to us.


At the Immigrant Council of Ireland we actively encourage you to contact us with your feedback, whether good or bad. We recognise that there may be times when things go wrong and an activity may not meet our usual high standards. When this happens, it is important that we know so that we can effectively deal with the situation, try to prevent it from happening again and learn from our mistakes.

Complaints are especially important to us as they may help us to see where our services, procedures or activities can be improved. For information on how to contact us, please refer to our Feedback and Complaints Policy .